• Would you like to sing?
  • Would you like to harmonise?
  • Are you already a regular singer?
  • Or are you a newcomer in singing?

Singing Barbershop harmony is about fellowship, fun and making music that makes you feel alive! It’s a form of singing that is enjoyable, exciting, stimulating and totally fulfilling.

If you already are an experienced singer this may be that ‘something different’ that you are looking for.

But if you are a newcomer you may be like many men who would love to sing and harmonise with a good bunch of blokes, but just never got round to it, or are too self-conscious to give it a go. The simple fact is that just about everyone can sing. We can help you discover your voice and gain confidence. Don’t worry if you aren’t too hot on musical notation and can’t sight read. Our simple teaching methods will help you learn a song quickly.

Why not pay us a visit and experience the fabulous feeling of unaccompanied close harmony singing for yourself.

Being a member of the Kentones means

  • Meeting every Thursday evening.
  • Having a great time rehearsing a range of traditional and popular songs.
  • Regular social events and travel to sing with like-minded people from across the country.
  • The opportunity for education in vocal techniques.
  • Taking part in public and private performances in front of a variety of audiences.
  • Helping various charities raise much needed funds.
  • Bi-monthly newsletters ‘Harmony Express’ and ‘The Kentonian’.
  • The friendship and camaraderie which comes with singing in a chorus of over 60.

If you are interested in joining the Kentones, contact the membership secretary Terry Cooke.
Give him a call on 0208 467 0270. You can also email him. Alternatively, use the CONTACT FORM on this site.

You could also, of course, just turn up at 7:45 on a Thursday evening at St Pauls Church Hall, Crofton Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 8JE. We love having visitors. See map below.